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Lok N' Store We are working hard to ensure you continue to receive the service you expect of Lok'nStore. At Lok'nStore our experts will help you find the right solution at the best price for you. We were one of the first storage companies in the UK and are now one of the biggest and fastest-growing. We have facilities across the UK, and each one has a vast range of safe and secure units available for you and for the essential possessions that you want to store.

Our people have lots of experience right across our store network; our experts help you to find the right unit at the right price with the best offer for you. We do it all in a friendly fashion because the people that work for Lok'nStore are here to help you make it as easy as it possibly can be.

The great thing about our facilities is that you can store almost anything that you need to; in a storage unit of practically any size; for as long (or as short) as you want and with flexibility on price depending on what you need.Please ask your local store about how to find the right unit and price for you.

read more › Lok'nStore was one of UK's first self-storage companies and is now the fastest growing with four new stores opening every year. Supplying self-storage to householders, renters and business users at over thirty* locations we have over 10,000 customers currently using our services. Lok'nStore CEO Andrew Jacobs opened the first store at Horsham in 1995 and since then has expanded the business across the south-east with locations from Salford to Ipswich, from Exeter to Broadstairs. Lok'nStore loves to promote from within, and we currently have fourteen centre managers who were promoted from customer service assistants, including one who is now managing a brand new storage centre.

read more › Self storage units at sites across the UK. Storage for furniture and belongings while moving property, decluttering, completing home improvements, redecorating, travelling overseas, or any other life event. Discounts for Students, NHS employees, members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services. An interesting story from many years ago at one of our self storage centres. One of our directors was walking around with a business storage customer who had been happily using our self storage facilities for a few years.

read more › Now students can take advantage of Lok'nStore's discounted rates for student storage. Never again will you have to load up the car for one of those painful journeys back home with all your clothes and personal items or a school storage trunk. Use Lok'nStore's student storage for as long as you need. For a few weeks over the short holidays or for a more extended period over the summer holidays. Student life is a lot easier when you don't have to take your items from university to home and back again every summer!

read more › Use our space estimator to find the space that's just right for your stuff - whether you're clearing your spare room or your whole house. At Lok'nStore one of the questions we get asked all the time is: "How much space do I need?" There are three ways to work out what size of unit is best for you. Look at our space estimator above. It's the best guide to storage space that you'll find. Because it's to scale, you can get the precise measurements and work out exactly how many boxes, van loads or roomfuls you can fit in.

read more › Servicemen, women, and personnel with the British Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Emergency Services, National Health Service and members of the Ministry of Defence get great storage deals at Lok'nStore. Whether you're moving quarters, house or flat, travelling overseas or just decluttering, simply bring your identification along to your nearest Lok'nStore and you'll get at least 20% off storage forever.*

read more › Business self-storage units and spaces at sites across the U.K. with warehouse space for office furniture, pallets, archives, boxes, eBay and online retailer stock. Payment on a weekly basis - So you only pay for what you need that week, and you can keep the costs down to a minimum. Free delivery acceptance - We will receive deliveries for your business, even if you are not onsite. Whether you are a big company requiring large scale pallet storage, or a small startup or online retailer looking to store merchandise, we'll help you find the right solution for your business.

read more › Does your business need pallet storage? Lok'nStore can help you today with a number of advantages over traditional pallet storage. Store as many pallets as you need - You can store just one single pallet or thousands of pallets, whichever you need. Free delivery acceptance - We will receive deliveries for your business, even if you are not onsite. Lok'nStore provides the answer for you with our flexible business storage spaces. We cater for both big & small businesses, so if you need just one pallet stored or 1,000 pallets for a week or for years then we can provide affordable storage space for each and every type.

read more › Lok'nStore can offer business users warehouse space, mini-warehousing and bulk storage from 50 - 10,000 square foot today, with a number of advantages over traditional warehousing. Free delivery acceptance - We will receive deliveries for your business, even if you are not onsite. Choose Lok'nStore and you'll get warehousing space tailored to your exact requirements and to your budget. You may need goods stored in steel units or in open areas but all storage areas at Lok'nStore have easy access, good facilities and free handling, including our forklift truck operated by our people - as well as easy parking for you & your colleagues.

read more › Are you looking for secure storage for your archives, business documents, tax records or legal files? Whether you need storage for personal documentation or archive storage for your business records, with Lok'nStore self service archives you get a secure private document and archive storage room racked and ready to go. Our trust and experience - Lok'nStore Group plc have over 20 years' experience in the UK self storage industry. Safety and security - You'll be the only person with a key to your archive storage, ensuring that all your archives and documents are secure.

read more › You can choose from a range of office sizes and locations - all with on-site storage available. You'll get everything your business needs in one place without having to sign a long lease. You won't need to pay rates or utilities and with weekly, four-weekly and annual terms available, you can easily change your office space as your business grows. Office and workspace solutions at the following Lok'nStore locations: Basingstoke, Crawley, Eastbourne, Hedge End, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton Riverside, Northampton Central, Poole and Reading.

read more › Managing your multisite business storage and national accounts through different companies, at lots of sites can sometimes be a hassle. Our business storage account management service will make your life simple and straightforward. Free delivery acceptance - We will receive deliveries for your business, even if you are not onsite. Please give Debbie a call today on 07753 719001 or email her at debbiefriend@loknstore.co.uk to find out more information about our services.

read more › Are you an online, eBay or Facebook seller or trader? A self storage unit at a Lok'nStore facility could give you the flexibility you need. Many of Lok'nStore's business customers trade via eBay, buying and selling goods online. Some rent just a small 20 sq ft unit (big enough for 8 medium boxes), while others have large areas of open storage for pallets. We can help any eBay business whether large or small - from the company that sells 1000s of DVDs and CDs each day, to the mum or dad running a small part-time business from the spare room.

read more › You can read some of the things that our customers have said about us on our business storage testimonials page, or you can explore the case studies below to learn how we've helped a whole range of businesses in the past with a wide range of storage problems. Lok'nStore can assist any business, large or small, to solve any problem whether its mini warehousing, pallet, archive, stock or document storage - we can help your business. This company had been trading for 12 years when their rented warehouse gave them 14 days' notice to vacate.

read more › Discover our top tips to help you move your belongings smoothly into your Lok'nStore self storage centre. Visit a Lok'nStore centre and speak to a member of our staff. They will be able to advise and guide you on which size of storage unit you need. You can visit and book a unit on the day, but it's advisable to so in advance for the greatest choice of sizes. You can't get to a Lok'nStore. No problem. Use our online Space Estimator to help work out which size of storage unit you require. You can easily book online using this process, or give us a call to discuss further if you need more advice.

read more › Lok'nStore storage spaces/units are between 6 and 12 foot high and are available in a variety of sizes. The smallest is a locker (think under stair cupboard) and the largest is 10,000 square foot (think massive!). Generally, our centres can offer units between 25 square foot and 250 square foot. Many of our centres can also the facility to store larger items on pallets in open storage areas - please contact these local centres for more details. You can store almost anything at Lok'nStore self storage centres as long as it's not perishable, flammable or illegal.

read more › Explore a typical Lok'nStore centre with over 700 units and learn more about how storage works. See the different sizes of storage units for yourself -- you'll be surprised how much stuff you can fit in. Learn more about the flexibility, value and ease of access that makes us ideal for your business storage.

read more › Tailored specifically to your needs, our self storage insurance gives you peace of mind and fantastic value. Your goods can be covered whilst in storage with us by our chosen provider, Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA). RSA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We believe the cover meets the demands and needs of those wishing to store against the risks associated with the self-storage of goods as more fully described in the Summary of Cover Document. You will not receive a personal recommendation from us regarding this insurance (remove 'product') which is the only option we make available to you.

read more › In 1996 Lok'nStore head office was situated at a storage centre in the centre of Kingston-Upon-Thames, and the following year three new stores opened in Basingstoke, Reading, and Woking. In 1999 - 2000 Lok'nStore domination of the south coast started with the opening of storage facilities in Fareham, Portsmouth, and Southampton. 2001 ended as Lok'nStore busiest property year (to date?) with new centres opening in: Ashford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Sunbury, and Swindon. 2005 / 2006 saw our first purpose-built storage centre on the Hawley Lane in Farnborough, which also then became the Lok'nStore Group head office after the sale of Lok'nStore Kingston.

read more › The Board of Lok'nStore Group Plc has always sought to operate the highest level of governance standards appropriate to the size and nature of the Company and has recently adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance's Corporate Governance code. Lok'nStore Group Plc provides self-storage management services. We have more than 25 years of experience in self-storage combined with over 10 years of managing centres for 3rd party investors. Andrew Jacobs, Executive Chairman of Lok'nStore, chats to investors about his plans for the business and new sites in the south of England.

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