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Bluebox Storage You can store from 1 Week or for as long as you like on a rolling contract with only two weeks notice to move out. Even though we've had a bit of a false flag of a summer, many people have used the opportunity to go on a much needed. Moving house is right up there with some of the most stressful life events you're ever likely to go through. And yet it's one of.

When you sign up with any self storage company, you will be presented with a few different documents. These will go over things like your.

read more › Approximately 10 feet by 7 foot. Stacked correctly it should take the basic contents of a 2 bedroom flat or the contents of a Luton van. The size of your room will determine the costs. You may find you need a smaller space than you initially thought if your goods are stacked efficiently. It's a good idea to make a list of the larger items you need to store and try to anticipate the additional items as well. We don't charge any admin fees and all of our quotes will lay out the full costs for you including the security deposit and any additional insurance costs.

read more › Self Storage is a cost effective way of storing, allowing you freedom of access to your own secure, clean, and dry room. We offer a purpose built storage space ranging from the size of a locker to a double garage and more. You can use it as you like (within our simple terms and conditions) and will be secured with your own lock and key so you know your goods are safe. Not sure how long you need it for? No problem. We offer short-term contracts from as short as a week to as long as you like with only a 2 week notice period to terminate (no long lock-in periods).

read more › Whether you are redecorating, moving home, travelling abroad, or just need more space at home, Blue Box Storage can provide a tailored space for your needs from as little as 1 week or for as long as you like. It's always quicker and easier to have a clear space to work in, with the added benefit of reducing unwanted damage. Before you put your property up for sale, you can declutter and store furniture and personal belongings. Help to show your property off to its full potential and get that price you want.

read more › For the business or commercial user, Blue Box Storage offers a very flexible addition to your operation. Commercial or retail space can be very pricey, archiving just takes up valuable space, we can offer you a way to use the space you have efficiently. Are you looking for local storage for your engineers or sales personnel? Blue Box storage can provide flexible storage options whether you just need a safe space to store your tools overnight, a central place for your engineers or sales personnel to collect and drop supplies, or just a safe place to keep materials for an up and coming job.

read more › Whether you are moving, redecorating, or just making some space being organised can help you make the most of your time and money and help you stay relaxed. Remember we are here to help you, so please just let us know how. A refundable security deposit (equivalent to one month's hire) and the first month's hire in advance. The value of the belongings you would like to store or a copy of your insurance policy if you have arranged your own cover. We have a guide on insurace here. Below are some basic tips for moving packing and storing which we hope will make your move easier!

read more › Blue Box Storage is focused on customer relations and customer satisfaction, as such, we have a large proportion of business and residential customers that return to us, as well as friends and family that are recommended to us. We are a small company that still believe in the 'old values' of listening to our customers and where applicable we will make improvements or assist in easing the burden to our customers. We understand that this is a stressful time for any of our customers and therefore we endeavour to make storage as simple and easy as possible.

read more › Blue Box Storage is committed to providing the customer with the most friendly and helpful customer service. In this modern age, people rely on what others have to say about a business before they use it and we rely on our exit surveys to give us accurate and informative information about our customers' experience during their time with us. This allows our customers to see what we are like as a company and allows us to improve our product for all our future customers. We would love to hear from you.

read more › Blue Box Storage is an independent Self-storage Company, offering Self Storage solutions for both the home and business market. It currently owns and operates 4 storage facilities in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, and Farnborough with a further storage facility in Maida Vale (Maida Vale Storage) as part of the Group. Blue Box Storage is owned and managed by Martin Aldrich and Jason Stamp who have more than 55 years experience between them in the Self Storage industry. They are both committed to providing the customer with conveniently located quality storage facilities matched with friendly and helpful customer service.

read more › You can either insure your belongings through us at Blue Box Storage and we offer some of the best rates in the industry. Alternatively, if you have your own cover through your house insurance or business insurance you are welcome to use that, we just need to see a copy of the policy when you move in. At Blue Box Storage we offer all our customers a competitive insurance option. To value your belongings you can list out all of the high-value items you are looking to store and the replacement value of each item if you had to replace it new or with a similar item in the case of an antique for example.

read more › Flat pack double wall wardrobe boxes complete with plastic hanging rails, ideal for removals, home & storage use. Large bubbles are great for using on your TV, your framed artwork and avoid filling large empty spaces in your moving boxes. Since these bubbles are the largest and bulkiest to work with, you'll find they're more about cushioning heavy items and will absorb the most amount of vibration and shock impact. Small bubbles are best used for surface protection and light cushioning. Think about using the small bubbles for wrapping your trinkets, placing a layer between dishes as a cushion barrier, and as an effective form of stress therapy through popping the bubbles.

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