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Orange Box Self Storage Running out of houseroom, selling a house before you buy another, or simply getting rid of some clutter - and you'll find that we can help you with every single one. Hold excess stock, spare furniture and fittings, valuable equipment and neccessary archive material in clean, safe, dry conditions for as long as you need. Even the smaller 10' x 8' container can swallow an enormous amount of your belongings - 20' x 8' containers are big enough to comfortably accommodate the contents of a standard 3 bedroom house.

At Orange Box Self Storage Ltd, we've got exactly what you're looking for - clean, dry and super-secure storage for your precious possessions. But that's not all. We're really convenient, because you can just drive up to the door of your purpose-built container and load in, no need for trolleys or pallet trucks. For peace of mind, there's only one key - and you keep it.

And you get access 24/7. But above all, our first-class storage facility is really affordable. We offer highly competitive daily rates for truly flexible long or short-term hire - and what you don't use, you don't pay for.

read more › Think of all the reasons why you might want to make use of a storage facility - running out of houseroom, selling a house before you buy another, or simply getting rid of some clutter - and you'll find that we can help you with every single one. With your own large, clean, dry container, you simply drive to the door and leave behind whatever you've run out of room for or need to keep for a while. Security is paramount - there's only one key and you keep it - and you get access any time, any day of the week.

read more › In an ideal world, everyone would move straight from one house to the next - but things often don't work out like that. Don't worry though, because we'll be here keeping things safe, secure and dry until you get the keys to your new place. Be it days, weeks or months, we'll be happy to store your stuff until you tie up legal loose ends or find the place you're looking for. And we won't tie you into a lengthy contract - as soon as you decide to collect your things you stop paying. You'll find our rates highly competitive too.

read more › A dust sheet can give some protection, but if there's any major work being done in your house it's best to move your things well away from burly builders on a mission. Clear out a room or two and not only will your things be kept safe and dry but you or your tradesmen will have a clear space to work in. Drive straight to the door of your container in our storage facility to load in or load up again, and drive off with the only key to our Mul-T-Lock protection. Often completion times on home improvements fly out of the window, which is where our easy self-storage terms come in.

read more › Sometimes the stuff we seem to collect over the years just gets too much for the space we have - which is where we come in. Use our self-storage containers and free up space in your home or garage. We give you easy 24-hour access, so anything you really need is ready at hand. And while you decide what to keep, give away or sell on, everything will be kept reassuringly safe thanks to our Mul-T-Lock system where you have the only key. There's state-of-the-art HD CCTV too. Our competitive daily hire rates give you the convenience of using our clean and dry self storage solutions for a short while or as long as you like and you never pay a penny for a day you don't need.

read more › They say you can't take it with you, and if you're heading abroad that's very true. What you need is a dry and safe self-storage solution so you can be happy that everything will be ready and waiting in excellent condition when you get back. Whether your stay away will last a few weeks or months or more, our highly competitive rates make using our storage facility very affordable. If your trip is unexpectedly extended, not to worry, we're highly flexible. And once you're back in the country and ready to get reacquainted with your things, just come and get them - that's the day your payments stop.

read more › When the term ends, you get yourself home (with maybe a little bit of washing) but it doesn't make sense to take everything you own with you. Our easily affordable self storage means it will all be kept safe and sound for when you term starts again. Our daily hire rates are extremely affordable, and you won't be tied into any long and complicated contracts. The day you come and collect your stuff, that will be the last day you pay for. And you're free to come and collect anything you need in the meantime 24/7.

read more › Sometimes some of the things that regularly occupy your leisure time end up taking too much valuable space at home. Space that could be used for more important reasons. You may not want to give up your hobbies but you do need somewhere to keep your items safe while you continue to enjoy them. Our secure, dry containers are the answer. Go-Karts and motorbike, drum kits and gyrocopters, garden trampolines and surfboards, we've stored them all. And whenever your hobby calls, you get access to everything in storage 24/7.

read more › There's more than one business need for uncomplicated and affordable storage. And for every single one, we're the ideal solution. Hold excess stock, spare furniture and fittings, valuable equipment and neccessary archive material in clean, safe, dry conditions for as long as you need. We don't hold you to complicated contracts with clauses hidden here and there. We simply charge monthly in advance, based on a daily hire rate, for as long as you use our drive-to-the-door containers. And the day you clear your container out, we don't take a penny more.

read more › If your stock room is at bursting point, our self storage solutions give you the clean, dry and convenient answer. And you can collect what you need anytime, day or night. Our containers are very secure - there's only one key to the Mul-T-Lock locking system and you keep that - but we still allow 24/7 access to customers. So you can stop your excess stock from cluttering up the workplace yet still have it back on your premises easily and quickly by just driving straight to your container to load or unload.

read more › Your equipment is valuable and essential, but you don't need all of it on hand 24 hours a day. Our storage solutions free up your workspace but still give you quick and easy access. Loading and collecting, even the heaviest and bulkiest equipment into and out of your clean, dry and secure container couldn't be easier. Just drive straight up to the door. Once the doors are firmly closed, lock them with the integral Mul-T-Lock and keep the only key for your peace of mind. Your container is now available for access, any time day or night.

read more › Our self storage facilities are like having a depot on demand, ready when you need it and gone when you don't. To support your salesforce or keep goods ready for distribution, our solutions work perfectly. Drive to the door of your purpose-built container to load-in or load-up - it couldn't be easier. Rest secure in the knowledge that you hold the only key to the Mul-T-Lock hi-security lock. You can gain access to your goods 24 hours a day, so there's no barrier to smooth-running sales and distribution.

read more › For a quick and hassle free refurbishment, you need your premises as clear as they can be. And unless your relocation goes extremely smoothly, you might need a home for a lot of stuff for a little while. In either case, our self storage solutions provides the answer. Whether it's refurbishment or relocation, you don't want to sign up for a minute longer than you have to and we understand that. We have a clear and simple daily rate and a pay-for-what-you-use policy. So you get all the flexibility you need, and stop paying the day your container is cleared.

read more › When there are documents you have to keep but space in your premises is at a premium, our self storage solutions provide the perfect repository. They'll remain dry, secure, and accessible any time you like. Our purpose-built containers can swallow an awful lot of bulky paperwork, and being able to drive straight to the door makes that easy. Whether your self storage needs are short-term, long-term or yet to be determined, we're equally happy to help. With highly competitive rates, we only charge you up to the day your container is cleared - no tie-in clauses or unnecessary expenditure.

read more › No need to keep a vehicle full of your customer's furniture and possessions or add to your own depot's deposits. Use our storage facilities just when you need them for a convenient and affordable answer. We don't tie you in to long term contracts or complicated terms. Be it for days, weeks, months or longer, we're happy to help on the basis of a competitive daily rate and payment until the container is cleared. CCTV covers the whole site, and there's only one key to the integral Mul-T-Lock - which you keep.

read more › If you don't have a High Street outlet, you don't have the space for the stock that goes with it. However you still need to offer your customers speedy delivery which is where our storage solutions come in. We give you somewhere clean, dry and secure to store your products. With easy access 24 hours a day, you can collect small or larger loads as demand requires - and you drive straight to the door of your container. What could be easier? You keep the only key to your containers built-in Mul-T-Lock, and there's state-of-the-art CCTV for extra security and peace of mind.

read more › Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions. The list is not exhaustive so if you have a question not answered here please do not hesitate to contact us on 0191 565 0111 for further professional assistance. A. No, unlike many other Storage Companies we do not charge you for this, all we ask is a deposit of 10 + Vat for your key fob. A. You are given one key as standard. Additional keys are available for 10 + Vat each. All keys must be returned at the end of the hire otherwise security of the unit will be permanently compromised requiring replacement of the integral Mul-T-Lock.

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