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House & Stock Self Storage House & Stock is arguably the leading self storage facility in Northern Ireland. We are approved by the Self Storage Association (UK) with both our facility and management practices meeting strict quality criteria. We are dedicated to giving the best of service in the self -storage sector. We like to keep waste to a minimum and carbon-footprint to a minimum.

We use motion activated lighting throughout the storage areas and due to the robust build of our premises we are able maintain an even temperature in the premises throughout the year with little energy consumption. We also try to take advantage of natural light and we find that the bright yellow units really help to keep the facility light and inviting.

read more › Self storage is ideal for summer breaks and gap year storage for students. Instead of bringing all your possessions back home why not put them into an affordable unit? It is a much cheaper option than extending your room rental all summer or doing three or four runs to store things in your parent's garage. We will have someone collect your boxes from your student accommodation and deliver to House and Stock. With a minimum term from just two weeks, you can stay as long as you like. Don't feel under pressure to commit to long term contracts.

read more › There are so many reasons why self storage can be the right choice for your business but whatever the reason we can offer a flexible storage solution to meet your needs. We can help optimise your space efficiency by providing only the amount of space you need, when you need it and most importantly- you can access it 7 days a week, and if required, additional hours by arrangement! Archiving is a necessary evil business but using self-storage you can make more productive use of your office space than by having a collection of archive boxes or POS material taking up valuable space.

read more › We have teamed up with document destruction experts, Shred Bank, to offer a unique 'shred by the bag' service. This service is ideal for small to medium size businesses and even for household paperwork. Normally to use document destruction companies you need to place a minimum order before collection / destruction can be arranged. Not only do you need space to store at least 20 bags but you also have to pay out a large sum all at once to have them destroyed. Shredding by the bag gives you the freedom to buy a bag, fill it at your own pace and also have access to top of the line ISO rated shredding services.

read more › There are a lot of storage providers who advertise themselves as 'self-storage.' You should use our video as a measure of what a self-storage facility should look like. Avoid builder's yards, non air-conditioned shipping containers, wooden crates, converted barns and sheds. You may pay less but your risk may be very high from vermin mice and pest infestation, damp, flooding and crime. High quality self-storage is held to the high standards of the Self Storage Association, so if your provider doesn't have that certification you may be at risk.

read more › It is a requirement of self storage that all property is insured. We offer insurance to our policy which is storage specific. Household Insurance rarely covers off-site storage and you have to pay to make changes to your policy so the House and Stock insurance cover works out cheaper and you can be sure you have the right kind of cover for your goods. We request that you accurately value your goods on commencement of your rental so that we can price you accordingly for insurance. Insurance is sold separately because this helps to keep rental costs down and allows customers to only pay for the insurance and the storage they need.

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Ciara McAllister
Ciara McAllister
Jul 26, 2017
Great facilities and clean storage units.

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