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To You Storage Based locally in Chichester we provide convenient storage solutions for all your self-storage requirements. We can help you if you need personal storage whilst moving house, renovating or decluttering. If you are a student we offer very competitive rates should you need to store items whilst you are away studying. We provide storage solutions for Businesses, whether it's equipment storage, document and archiving storage or maybe you are looking for a "Business in a Box" solution.

We also offer open yard storage if you need somewhere to store your caravan, trailer or horsebox whilst not in use. If you need to store personal or valuable items during probate, we can assist you with our fully professional service. We offer document shredding and disposal whether it's required for personal or commercial destruction, large or small amounts.

All disposal is handled strictly with the highest confidentially. We offer our own Door to Store specialist service, where we deliver your trailer, you load your possession and we then bring it back for storage.

read more › If you are moving home, redecorating, going abroad for a while or longer, in need of somewhere to store a vehicle, a student attending college or University, then To You Storage have the perfect solution for you. If you just need more space, want to store furniture or other household items, we can help you with our cost effective self-storage. Our storage solutions will help you to become more organised and allow your house move to go more smoothly. If you are undertaking renovations or redecorating then the ideal solution is to securely store your personal items freeing up space whilst you undertake the work.

read more › Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation with offices, it's likely you'll have a need for storage. Some office based businesses generate a lot of documentation and it's not always practical to keep all of these paper based records on site. Archiving and storing with us is as easy. We can even come and collect from you with our door to store option. We'll deliver an enclosed trailer around to your offices, you load it up with your boxed documents and we will then bring it back to our storage facility and store your archives in an organised manner.

read more › There is an absolute mountain of reasons why people should or need to declutter and that brings up the next question of what to do with all the clutter. Simple if you don't need it any more, just take it to the local council waste recycling centre. But if you don't want to get rid of it or need to keep it for future use, then you are left with the problem of what to do with it. The answer is to rent one of our storage units, we'll even come and collect your items in one of our storage trailers and then bring it back to our storage facility for safe and secure storage.

read more › There is a lot of planning and organising that goes it to moving home and getting it just right on the day of the move can be a bit of a headache. This is especially true when trying to complete the move in one or two days. You might run in to the problem where you've sold your home but are waiting for completion on your new home. The option here is to rent accommodation for a short period, but what do you do with all your possessions and furniture. Storing your items during your house move is the perfect solution and makes for a much less stressful time.

read more › If you are planning a renovation project or decided it's time to redecorate, there's nothing worse than having to keep moving things from room to room as you go. Storing your furniture and other items, whilst you redecorate or carry out renovations is the easy sensible solution. It makes things go much smoother and more than halves the time it takes to complete the work. Apart from creating space to work efficiently, it also saves those damages to items that always seems to happen. No matter how careful you are, there's always that drop of paint that gets split on your sofa or glass ornament that gets knocked over.

read more › As a student studying away from home, during the 2, 3 or 5 years that you are working towards your qualifications, you will often find that you'll need to make arrangements for your possessions when you return home for holidays. Often your student accommodation doesn't permit for you to leave things in situ and if it does, you'll likely pay full rent even though you are not living there. The easy solution therefore is to use our door to store service. You just pack up your items and then load them into our trailer that we deliver to your door.

read more › To You Storage offer a range of business storage solutions. We also offer archiving storage and commercial document shredding. We can accommodate small, medium and large business storage requirements as well as offering a Business in a Box solution for online entrepreneurs. There is often a need for Businesses to require a safe secure storage option, whether it's for archiving, storing seasonal equipment or mothballing office furniture that is not currently required we can help you to run your business more efficiently with our range of storage solutions.

read more › If you operate a small business with just one or two employees and offer a service such as professional gardening maintenance, you can take advantage of the storage solutions we offer. It's possible that you have reasonably large equipment or machinery such as a sit on mower. Obviously you are unlikely to need this for every job you undertake and it's probably unlikely that you can get all of your equipment into your van at the same time. Renting one of our equipment storage containers will enable you to keep your machinery safe and secure.

read more › Does your business generate a lot of paperwork that you only need access to for reference now and again? Does your company maintain a large amount of records or client documentation, which you legally are obliged to keep for a fair number of years? Most businesses are obliged to keep their financial records for a number of years should you be subject to an inspection for tax or VAT. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, 10 years' worth of accounts can amount to a lot of paperwork. By storing your financial paperwork, invoices and receipts using our storage facilities, you will be able to keep it in an organised, safe and secure way, with access to it when needed.

read more › There are many reasons why you may need to Store something using a secure storage facility for your situation and here at To You Storage, we can help you with most things. Possibly you may need storage to help whilst you are moving home, redecorating or a Student needing somewhere to store your stuff. If you are an office based business, it's likely you may need document or archiving storage or maybe office furniture that you need to mothball for a while. If you sell online through Amazon or eBay you'll likely need to store you stock somewhere.

read more › To You Storage are able to cater for all types of storage requirements. We offer the latest secure, Door to Store and Containers Storage facilities with easy 24 / 7 access at the best prices for you. We know that there is also a large demand for open yard storage, which is why we are happy to offer this service as well. We have a large fully enclosed secure compound able to accommodate a wide range of vehicles and equipment. If you are in the equine industry, with a number of horse boxes that you need to store when not in use, we can help you.

read more › If you travel a lot and are away for long or even short periods, you are likely to need storage whilst you are away travelling. Most property owners will rent out their property whilst they are away as it's an excellent way to generate additional income. The only problem is that often the tenants will like to have their own furniture and household items. If your own furniture and possessions are valuable and personal to you, it's unlikely that you'll want to leave them in the house in case they get damaged by the tenants anyway.

read more › Vehicle storage is the sensible solution. Leaving your unused car parked in the open for long periods of time will subject it to damaging effects from the elements such as the sun and rain as well as the local flora and fauna. Before you know it, your once gleaming red sports car will be faded with patches caused by corrosive bird droppings. The other risk is that of security. Vehicle crime, whether its wanton vandalism or theft of the vehicle averages around 38,000 instances a month, yes a month.

read more › Probate is the matter of dealing with a person's affairs and possessions after they pass on. Sometimes this process can be particularly lengthy especially when that person didn't have a will. When the person who has died is a family member or close friend, it can be a very difficult and stressful situation to deal with. You will need time to grieve and be able to come to terms with your loss. The pressure of dealing with legal matters and probate is often the last thing you need. Putting your loved ones possession into storage during this difficult time is a sensible solution as it will give you the time you need to deal with matters.

read more › In today's world of entrepreneurship, there are a lot of obstacles to negotiate when you are trying to establish your business. High rental charges, long leases and so on make it very difficult for a start up business to get off the ground. Using a storage container to run your business from therefore makes perfect sense and the growth of the "Business in a Box Storage Container" goes to prove that, just take a look at the pop-up shopping mall in Croydon called BOXPARK. Use to store stock and equipment without the need for expensive oversized warehousing facilities.

read more › If you are a business that generates a lot of confidential documentation and files, it's likely that you will need to store or archive it for short or long periods of time. However, there comes a point when you will need to securely dispose of it. With so much identity theft happening today, the best solution is to have it shredded and destroyed correctly. To You Storage provide a professional document destruction and disposal service. All documentation and the information contained within is handled with the strictest confidentiality and securely disposed of in order to give you peace of mind.

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