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Self Storage Hire Self Storage Hire Ltd provides secure containerised Storage Units at our Lenwade facility near Norwich. These ex-shipping containers are carefully prepared and modified for storage and are perfect for home and business use, offered at a fraction of the cost of indoor providers with rental terms ranging from a minimum of 1 month to indefinitely. Enter via our automated gate entry system and drive right up to your unit and load directly from your vehicle.

We cater for home owners, businesses, charities, NHS and students and more. We use A grade shipping containers with special insulation and venting to ensure your goods are kept safe, secure and dry for your entire stay. By using once-used recycled shipping containers to store your valuables in you can save a significant amount of cash when compared to large-scale indoor storage, leaving you to hopefully spend the change on something more fun!

Our totally self-store approach, with no on-site staff (unless you need them) will save you up to 50% compared to big-brand indoor storage.

read more › There's no need to pay a deposit but you will need to buy an approved container-lock from us to secure your unit. This lock fits nice and snug on your spec container lock-box so it will be secure and covered form the elements. You get to keep this lock when you move out and can be used with us again in the future. The Small unit is about the size of a garden shed and will store the contents of an average 1 bedroom flat including a 2 seater sofa, double bed and wardrobe. These units are perfect when you just need a little space.

read more › Most customer service queries are handled via email so please let us know as much as you can here and we will be back in touch soon. Customer service is provided primarily via the web and email, however if you are not in a rush or can't use the above please call 01603 552020. During busy times we provide a callback service. Need storage quick? You can usually move in to a unit the same business day. You will need the first month hire fee payable by BACS and some photo ID to upload to our agreement form.

read more › If you have never used a shipping container this may be worth a look before you visit your unit for the first time. These sea-worthy 20' shipping containers are shipped once from China, emptied of cargo, then usually delivered to a self storage facility, such as ours in sunny Norwich UK. The single handle on the right makes it much faster and easier to open and close the unit up when you are finished. This is our first 360 degree video, so feel free to wiggle the cursor around and get a better look!

read more › Unlike many big providers, we don't believe in imposing mandatory insurance fees to our customers. For those that want contents insurance we have partnered with NSIP, a specialist that can provide this service direct to you. Why do some large storage providers make you make you take out their insurance? If you choose a big national storage company you may be required to have mandatory insurance cover even though there is no legal requirement to do so. For the provider this is simply an additional revenue stream.

read more › In a modern shipping container, as long as you follow a few simple rules, condensation should not be a problem. The 20' x 8' containers we use have been shipped once from China, full of goods destined for the UK market. Since the UK imports more than we export, there is a surplus of containers and these are purchased mostly by the self storage industry since they are well suited for this purpose. Most importantly, what do you plan to store inside? If it's building or garden tools, timber or anything that may be holding moisture like an washing machine, you will need some type of dehumidifier.

read more › Is it OK to store cars and plant in a container? Yes, as long as you take some sensible precautions when storing a motorised vehicle there should be no problems. Always put a tray with a capacity to hold greater that the total oil capacity of the engine and leave it under the engine sump area. That way if you have any leaks you will not damage the container or your contents. Also consider purchasing some loading ramps for entry/exit. No additional changes for car or plant storage however you must inform us at the time so we can work with you and choose the best location for your unit.

read more › Maybe you've decided it's time to replace your diesel or petrol vehicle and are considering ordering a new Tesla? We're guessing that 1,000 free supercharger miles would be a welcome bonus right? We're happy to share with you our Tesla discount code which qualifies you for 1,000 free Supercharging miles when you order a new Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X or Tesla Model S. You might have noticed that Tesla relies heavily on word of-mouth-referrals, bloggers and motoring journalists to help promote the brand.

read more › 20ft shipping containers are the most commonly used size in self storage facilities globally. They will hold the approximate contents of a 3 bedroom house and are a little smaller than a single-garage. They come with rubber-sealed doors, 8 or more external micro-vents and have a hard ply floor. You will also find heavy load bearing eyelets at roof level that can be used to hold heavy and long items at the top using rope/straps. Both doors will open but at around a metre wide opening the first left door is usually enough for gaining access with goods.

read more › Located just one mile from the new Royal Norwich Golf Club in Lenwade, we will soon offer dedicated golf storage units, perfect for keeping all your equipment safe and accessible. Our secure lockup units enable you to store all you need close to the course so you are ready for all weather and playing conditions. We are currently taking reservations for our first batch of golf lockers so if you may be interested please contact us. You are under no obligation, we will just get in touch when we have availability and offer you first refusal on a unit.

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