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Shire Self Storage Shire Self Storage is a purpose built facility that uses the latest technology combined with 24 hour onsite security to ensure your belongings are safe and available when you need them - all at a great price. Housed in the refurbished historic Ram Mill in Chadderton the facility provides 23 different sizes of rooms so that you only need to rent the space you need.

Shire Self Storage is just two minutes from junction 21 of the M60 and is easily reached from all parts of Oldham and North East Manchester. We want you to stay for as long as you need; we have a range of offers to reduce the cost of long and short term storage. We're determined not to be beaten on price - get a free quote and reserve your unit today.

Have you downsized? Are you moving between houses? Have you moved in with a partner and have two of everything? Can you not get your car into the garage? Do you simply not have enough room for all your stuff? Shire Self Storage can provide you with the perfect long or short-term solution to your storage needs.

read more › Office space can be very expensive and a storage unit at Shire could be the solution you need for keeping archive documents and rarely used equipment safe without using high-cost office space. We're very handily located for the M60 motorway and access to our facility is secure but fast. So if you need to store invoices, contracts and legal documents that you rarely need to review then a storage unit could be perfect. Some business also have a very seasonable aspect to their operations, a storage unit is the perfect solution if you want to store equipment or marketing collateral the you only need at a particular time of the year.

read more › Shire Storage is a family owned and run business that concentrates on giving a great service and facilities that are second to none. We plan to open a number of storage facilities around Greater Manchester, our first is based at the historic Ram Mill in Chadderton. The mill was built in 1907 towards the end of the cotton boom in Lancashire, it's relatively modern construction has stone floors that were designed to reduce the risk of fire spreading and are very useful in the latest incarnation as a storage facility.

read more › The great thing about our storage is the range of size options we have available, this means that with Shire you only ever need to pay for the space you need. When this is combined with our great prices you know you'll be getting the best possible deal. From fishing boxes to car collections we have the storage options to meet your needs. We have over 200 lock-ups, our smallest is only 10ft2 whilst our largest is over 1000ft2 and in between we have a whole host of sizes. We've grouped the rooms in our centre by size to help you narrow down your search quickly, but if you want to understand the full range of options simply scroll down the list below to find the size you need.

read more › Our smallest units range from 10-25Ft2 in size and are a very cost-effective way of keeping the things you don't need that regularly out of the house. If you have fishing boxes, inflatable swimming pools, tents - well anything in fact - that you need to find a home for for a while then a storage unit at Shire could be the answer.

read more › We describe our largest units as warehousing because that's effectively what they are, tenants are free to install their own free-standing racking and utilise our on-site moving equipment to manage their goods. If your business is expanding rapidly a warehousing unit at Shire could be the low-cost flexible answer to your problems.

read more › Have you downsized? Are you moving between houses? Have you moved in with a partner and have two of everything? Can you not get your car into the garage? Do you simply not have enough room for all your stuff? Shire Self Storage can provide you with the perfect long or short-term solution to your storage needs. Our purpose built facility within Ram Mill, Chadderton is clean, dry and secure and the perfect place to store those things you don't need every day. We're determined not to be beaten on price and have a number of special offers that will keep costs down.

read more › With time everyone's home gets cluttered with stuff they've accumulated. Perhaps, you've moved in with your partner and have two of everything. Then there's that ugly green ornament that your Aunt Mary gave you and you've never dared throw away in case she comes around to visit. Clutter can come from any and everywhere and it's sometimes great just to have a clear out - it can make you feel better and improve the quality of your homelife. When you go through a decluttering exercise you should try to get rid of most things to people who will use them either by selling, or passing on to people you know or charity shops.

read more › Sometimes house moves just don't run smoothly, ideally we'd like to move out of one house and into another on the same day but sometimes that just doesn't happen. Your buyer might insist on you moving out before your new place is ready or you might want to fit a new bathroom before you actually move in. In any of these situations you might end up crashing at a friends or staying with your family. If this happens to you it's likely you'll need a safe place to temporarily store your belongings. If you're using a professional removal firm many of them offer a storage service but it will tend to be quite expensive and you may find it more competitive to rent one of our storage units.

read more › Many of us have one of those rooms in our house that is in urgent need of redecoration that we simply can't do because it contains too much furniture and stuff. Shire Self Storage can help you make your house pristine by providing a place where you can store the contents of the room temporarily whilst you add a lick of paint and change the carpet. Just imagine, with the help of Shire you could be able to invite your mother in law to stay. Shire personal self-storage is a perfect solution when you need to create some space in your house; we have a good range of storage rooms of different sizes that will comfortably store anything from the contents of a bedroom or dining room whilst you redecorate.

read more › Are you planning a big trip? Perhaps you're taking a gap-year travelling around Asia, going to Africa to work on a Zebra farm or perhaps you're a professional surfer following the big waves. Whatever your reason for leaving the UK, Shire Self Storage can help keep all the possessions you don't need on your trip safe and secure until you return. If you have a flat this will mean you can then sublet it safe in the knowledge that your personal belongings will be there when you get back. Our self-contained units are only accessible by the key holder, they're perfectly dry and the complex is fully alarmed with 24-hour security.

read more › At different stages in our life we may have more furniture than we have house room for. Granny might have left us an antique dining table and chairs in her will that doesn't fit into our house but might when we move to something larger. We could have bought a new 3-piece suite but want to hang on to the old sofa because a child is about to get their own place or we might have moved in with a partner and as a result have two of everything but are worried to let anything go - just in case. Whatever, the reason it's often difficult to let furniture go because you think it could be useful in the future and it's likely to cost too much to buy it new.

read more › If you're a student you get used to moving from temporary place to temporary place popping home in the holidays. Having some safe secure storage can often make life much easier. In the summer, when your term-time lease ends you can move your belongings (all those books) into a secure unit at Shire until you come back in September. We also heard of some parents who put all their child's belongings into store whilst they were away at University. One family converted their son's bedroom into a gym whilst he was away at college and had him stopping on a camp-bed when he came back for the summer - it was a sure way to make sure he didn't think about returning to the family-nest when he was done studying.

read more › As e-Commerce, Ebay and Amazon trading businesses grow there often comes a time when the stock starts to take over the traders home. A storage unit at Shire is the perfect next step to support your business growth giving you the space you need to hold stock without the massive overhead of a traditional office and warehouse set up. We also provide a great range of support services to help the online traders including a pick-up point for all major couriers and access to our tenant's lounge and workspace that has full internet access so you can keep on top of your orders.

read more › Do you have equipment that you only use at certain times of the year or use infrequently? Is the equipment taking up space that could be better used for items you use more regularly? If you need somewhere to store large items of bulky equipment then Shire is the place for you. Many of our rooms come equipped with wide-entry doors so that it's not difficult to deposit and pick-up the equipment you've stored. We can even provide use of a pallet truck if your item is heavy and there are raised loading bays to aid access.

read more › Is your requirement to hold stock outgrowing the space you have to store it at your business property? Do you want to place a bulk-order purchase in order to get discounts on the products you sell but don't have the space? Lack of space can be a serious issue for businesses that are looking to grow because their existing accommodation is not large enough, especially if there's no prospect of taking on more. A storage unit at Shire could be the low-cost easy answer to your problems. Store any excess non-perishable stock you don't need at Shire - our prices are low and our new facility in the renovated Ram Mill is conveniently located in Oldham close to the M60.

read more › It's a legal requirement for many businesses to keep records of financial information and contracts for an extended period. A storage unit at Shire could be the answer to your document archiving problem. If you don't scan all your documents and you're sinking under a sea of paper let us help you by providing a secure place for you to store it. A storage unit at Shire could be the low-cost easy answer to your problems. Store any archive material you don't need at Shire - our prices are low and our new facility in the renovated Ram Mill is conveniently located in Oldham close to the M60.

read more › Shire Storage can provide your business with a low-cost option to its warehousing requirements. If you need some warehousing for stock or equipment but do not need a full industrial unit a storage room at Shire could be the answer. If you have seasonality in your business and need extra warehousing at certain times of the year we can help provide the extra temporary space you need. With units of different sizes up to over 1000 sqft our solution could provide you with the flexibility you need at a very competitive price.

read more › We have a range of office sizes, so whether you're a one-man band or a growing company, we're sure to have the perfect office space for you. Office suites are available from less than 1,000 sq ft up to a full floor can be offered of around 33,500 sq ft. If you are looking for a suite suitable for 1 person or 500 call us today or simply pop on over for your personal tour.

read more › If you're running a business from Shire (or even if you're not) we have a great meeting room for hire that can be used for meeting with suppliers or other business contacts. The meeting is totally self-contained and private and seats up to 8 people around a conference table. Ask to see the room next time you visit or call 0161 470 6999 to take a look and make a booking.

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