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Wigan Self Store Centrally located self storage in Wigan, we offer an unbeatable experience with great on-site parking and security. We are fully enclosed and don't share our car park with anyone else, so you can be sure your valuables are safe on-site. Wigan is easily accessible from Manchester and Liverpool, taking advantage of nearby road networks and motorways.

If you're looking for self storage in Wigan, Wigan Self Store can provide all your personal or business storage needs in a convenient town centre location. We offer flexible storage solutions, meaning you won't be tied in to long contracts or expensive deals. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, we've got you covered. You can upgrade to a bigger space or cancel your self storage at any time without incurring penalties or hidden fees and we're always on hand to help if you need it.

We offer a range of packaging materials on-site, so if you've forgotten anything or require more supplies, we've got you covered. For tips on making the most of your storage space, see our user guide.

read more › There are many reasons why you might need business self storage, whether it's room for stock, equipment, promotional materials and document archives, Wigan Self Store has the perfect solution for you. Self storage is a great alternative to buying or leasing extra properties and our totally transparent pricing means you can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel at any time without incurring any additional costs or penalties. We cater to small and large businesses alike, from sole traders to public limited companies and enterprises.

read more › There are many reasons why you might need personal self storage, whether you're moving home, need to clear out a room or are just looking to de-clutter and create space, Wigan Self Store has the perfect solution for you. Self storage is a great way to quickly and easily create space, the costs are surprisingly very low, and you could be moving in today from as little as 5 per week. You can keep the unit for as long as you like, so should you be redecorating and just need somewhere temporary, you don't have to keep your unit under any hidden contracted terms.

read more › Our frequently asked questions section covers all aspects of questions and tips about Self Storage. Whether you need information on purchasing, managing or storing in your unit, all of the topics are covered below. If there's something not covered, don't hesitate to contact us. Self storage is the renting of a storage room that can be used to hold possessions for personal or business use. The self storage rooms are filled by the tenants and can be accessed whenever necessary. Self storage can be a great asset for a number of different applications.

read more › Below are our terms and conditions set out to ensure the safety and well-being of staff, property and our customers. If there is anything on our terms you don't understand, or would like clarification, please contact us or raise any issues when coming to reception. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your self storage subscription, we will refund your full deposit amount plus any money paid for storage in advance. If you decide to cancel your subscription during a paid month, your notice period (7 days) will be deducted minus any days of the month already passed before cancelling.

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