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Bell Storage We have the space you need to free up rooms in the house or store extra stock for your business. We store a wide range of items including household belongings, racked document storage, excess stock for local business and caravans. We have been around for a while, Bell Storage Ltd was set up in 2004 and we have customers dating back many years who are happy to use us year on year.

Competetive prices, We try hard to keep the prices as sensible as possible and our rates have increased consistantly below inflation. We have many satisfied customers out there, so much so that much of our business comes from word of mouth referrals. If you are thinking of using us, please come down and have a look round the site before you confirm.

Seeing the site and talking to the on duty staff can answer any questions or woorries you might have.

read more › Self storage has become increasingly popular over the last few years for several very good reasons: The main advantage is that you have completely unrestricted access to your belongings - we are open seven days a week so its just a case of driving up to your own unit and adding or removing as necessary. Its also cheaper than having the removals company handle the storage and most people just hire a van and drive themselves which saves even more money. If you do need a good removals firm though, we can recommend several local companies who can be relied on.

read more › Good news - it is very simple: Each customer has their own steel unit which is locked up by you and you keep the key. The units are 100% water, dust and rodent proof and we have stored all manner of items sometimes for years at a time. When you come back to empty your unit you will find everything exactly as you have left it. Yes, the units are thick corten steel and have custom made lockboxes to protect the locks. What size of unit will I need? We have a limited number of small 10ft by 8ft units which are ideal if you have only a few boxes but the most useful size is the 20ft by 8ft unit.

read more › More and more companies are taking document storage off site to free up valuable office space. We look after a range of boxed documents for Scottish Borders Council and a number of local businesses. We have units specifically adapted for document storage and because every company needs different solutions you can specify the layout of the racking or even go for a mix of racking for files and free space for stock or excess clutter. We are completely flexible and can normally arrange something to suit any company.

read more › We can also advise on the best unit to suit your needs. Brand new boxes look great and are spotlessly clean but are quite expensive. Often the best compromise will be a second hand unit thats a few years old but still obviously wind and water proof. We only deal in proper ISO shipping containers made of corten steel, buyers should beware of cheap copies which have been coming onto the market recently and which are nowhere near as robust. Most of the units are made in China (and the majority of those by just one company) They are used to transport goods around the world on the deck of cargo ships so have to be extremely tough and resistant to corrosion.

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