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Bisley Office Furniture When it comes to creating work environments, Bisley is the name people turn to for quality they can trust. For over eighty years, we've been quietly creating innovative products that meet the evolving needs of our working world. We've created a 'virtual tour' of our showroom, so you can explore Dallington Street from the comfort of your workplace.

A flexible family of sheltered working spaces - lockers and booths crafted for quiet, Quarters brings a sense of peace and belonging to an office environment. We design and manufacture the highest quality personal storage lockers, but we also have the knowledge and expertise on hand to advise you on the best lock choice and the latest smart locking technology.

Bisley lives and breathes storage. It always has. Ever since launching the iconic MultiDrawer in 1958, Bisley has pioneered innovative storage that meets the challenges of the times and stays relevant, decade after decade. Outstanding design is the legacy of intense, imaginative thought and vision and experience combined with skill and craftsmanship; it is also the ability to anticipate tomorrow's challenges, today.

read more › A productive, uplifting working environment happens naturally when you've got the right kind of storage. Bisley's storage collections, systems and portfolios answer the unique challenges of today's working environments. Whatever you choose, you can bank on outstanding quality and long-lasting resilience - guaranteed. To make creating an ideal workspace surprisingly simple, we have put together a collection of the most popular choices in a range of pre-designed elements. Our individual units allow you to pick exactly what you need.

read more › Life may be unpredictable, but one thing you can count on is a Bisley product. Precision engineered and built to last, it'll keep on working as hard as the first day you got it. That's why, when it comes to creating work environments, Bisley is the name people turn to for quality they can trust. Our success is based on enduring relationships, the latest technology and the best people. We're always pushing the boundaries of manufacturing excellence and, as a private company we're able to devote all our profits to our business.

read more › Bisley has always embraced change. For over 80 years, we've answered the needs of our times with practical solutions that make a positive difference. We responded to the arrival of the first motor cars by offering bodywork repair. When war came, we produced jerry cans. Today, we combine this spirit of innovation with a collective knowledge that can only come from experience. While the world may evolve, our passion for design and care for our people never changes. This is who we are. The origins of Bisley go back to 1931.

read more › People come first at Bisley. So whether you're an end customer, dealer, architect or designer, you benefit from a service that's engineered around you. The flexibility inherent in Bisley products also extends to the service you receive. So whether you need help planning an entire building layout, a bespoke design, or simply the assurance your order will arrive at the right place, right time, rest assured Bisley delivers. They'll put their knowledge to work for you, helping you design layouts and get the best from Bisley's products.

read more › Explore our Dallington Street showroom, in the heart of Clerkenwell - the home of the UK's design community. Newly refurbished, our showroom in Bray, Ireland demonstrates landscapes for all types of office work. Our flagship showroom in the smart district of Salamanca, an area popular with architectural and design practices. Our showroom is in the laid back but fast paced district in Manhattan, just minutes' walk from the famous Flatiron Building. Our new flagship showroom allows us to showcase new products, partnerships and to nurture new relationships.

read more › We have a way of doing business here at Bisley -encapsulated by the phrase: Enduring Relationships. Our Chairman is the son of Bisley founder Freddy Brown. He joined the business in 1960 and took ownership in 1970 after his father retired, successfully steering Bisley through the recessions of the seventies and eighties. He's taken a step back from the day-to-day running of the company but he is still a regular face in our offices and on the factory floor. Richard was initially the Sales Director of Banner Business Services, where he progressed into the role of Managing Director in 2009.

read more › At Bisley, we know what a difference great storage can make - which is why it's at the heart of what we do. Often overlooked, storage sets the tone for an entire working environment. We create intelligent storage solutions that promote a calm, organised and productive workspace. That's great for the people who work there - and for an organisation's bottom line. The nature of office storage has changed beyond recognition, driven by a shift in what needs to be stored, and the evolution of more fluid and mobile working practices.

read more › We understand how to get the best from this wonderful material. Using the most advanced machinery and painting equipment, we're able to push the boundaries and create ground-breaking designs that serve our customers - today, and tomorrow. Our range of wood materials and veneers is unusually broad, and we understand the possibilities and limitations of each. So whether you want a custom-made timber-based unit with a specialist veneer, or wood cladding on your steel furniture, we've the skills and the know-how to ensure you get a great result.

read more › We deliver a fully bespoke service, from initial product specification through design stages, product selection, onsite project management and installation. Using our team's considerable expertise, we offer a wide range of furniture, ever expanding our portfolio with new designs and supply partners, providing unique environments for each client. Most workspaces need a range of seating, from adjustable desk chairs to side-chairs ideal for meeting or recreational spaces. An agile working environment needs furniture to match.

read more › Bisley's products enhance workspaces by providing intelligent, useful and often bespoke storage solutions which create organised environments. Whether that means furniture for focused and individual working, or adaptable pieces for agile or collaborative spaces, meeting rooms or break-out areas, our extensive portfolio helps people be comfortable and effective, wherever they are working. Our aim is to keep creating products that are as attractive as they are useful. We are known as Europe's leading manufacturer of steel storage, however through our dedicated in-house production facilities we also know about wood too.

read more › Looking for storage that does more than simply de-clutter your space? Bisley's extensive range works with all kinds of settings. Or are you looking for inspiration for an upcoming office move that requires a new floor layout? Bisley's workspace solutions integrate storage with desking and much more. Our solutions can help free up space, promote productivity and give mobile workers a sense of belonging in an organisation. We create smart, integrated working environments that foster focused, creative working, enable collaboration and evolve with changing needs.

read more › An uplifting, productive workspace starts with good storage - so personal belongings stay safe, everything you need is to hand, and you get the best from your office footprint. Make the best use of floor space with smart storage that looks as good as it works, and create the right kind of space for your working needs. All workers need personal space to feel secure and that they belong in an organisation. We offer customisable storage with the option of built-in chargers and other smart features.

read more › The storage you have at your desk matters. Bisley's solutions include innovative twists on office classics such as towers that can extend your workspace and provide privacy, to more specialist solutions like compact mobile units that move with you from desk to desk. Pedestals can sit under the desk, beside it - or support it instead of a leg. Besides being a place to store files, stationary and belongings, they can double up as perch seats, extra work surface and move with you from desk to desk.

read more › Everyone is different - and so is what they store in and around their desks. Our pedestals range from under-desk drawer space, to pull-out storage that extends the work surface. They're the simple way to keep desks clutter-free. A range of static or mobile pedestals, all with lockable drawers for secure storage of your files or personal belongings. With additional options such as seat pads, allowing for perch points making this a versatile offer. Made from a single steel piece, with no visible seams offering exceptional strength characteristics, in-keeping with our LateralFile range.

read more › Towers sit at the end of the desk to give you ample, secure storage within easy reach. Available in multiple heights, they're ideal for large binders, suspension filing, stationery, personal belongings and more. A free standing flexible storage solution that can be positioned either under your desk, or next to your desk with the option of a top box to extend your desk space. Comes with a locking bar as standard for added security. The pull-out units reveal space for filing, desk accessories and personal items that would normally crowd the desktop.

read more › To make creating an ideal workspace surprisingly simple, we have put together a collection of the most popular choices in a range of pre-designed elements. Our individual units allow you to pick exactly what you need. With everything from filing and personal storage to cupboards and display units, Be accommodates every kind of filing and storage need. The product categories are listed below. Be drawers provide secure space for storing technology, reference materials, books and other paraphernalia found in an office environment.

read more › LateralFile is a true systems approach to storage, enabling an entire floorplate to be specified in one product. Its superior minimalist design, high quality hand finish and versatility make it a first choice for architects, designers and end users. Download a range overview. With everything from filing and personal storage to cupboards and recycling units, LateralFile accommodates every kind of filing and storage need. The product categories are listed below. Filing drawers complete with file bars perfect for high-density suspension, box and lever arch filing.

read more › Quality meets value in this popular range. SystemFile delivers a significant choice of dimensions, so you can choose the best option for your workspace. From drawers to cupboards, tambour doors to combination units, the SystemFile range fits the needs of the modern office. The most frequently specified products are featured here. High density drawers perfect for suspension, box and lever arch filing. Individual locking available for added security. Ideal for all types of storage, from personal storage to office filing.

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