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Storagebase Self Storage Your archives and documents are important but you don't need to fill your home or office with them. Get secure but accessible document storage in your own Storagebase self storage unit. You'll probably need less space than you think. Many students use our lockers or smaller storage units to provide valuable additional secure space for extra things year round or just for the holidays.

Order online, collect in store. Don't worry about working out exactly how many boxes you'll need: We'll refund unused items.

read more › Your security is our priority. You probably wouldn't want thousands of people having access to your home without you being there and we feel the same about our stores. Extensive fire and intruder alarms, an access control system and over 100 CCTV cameras per store covering every corridor help us to keep you and your things as safe as possible. Our own staff will always be in store 7 days a week whenever you or anyone else is in the store. 24/7 access with no staff present might feel convenient but does not prevent unwanted visitors following others in.

read more › Whenever you or anyone else visits one of our stores, a member of staff will always be present to ensure security and to assist you. We believe that even with the best computerised equipment allowing customer access to unattended stores is too great a risk. It only takes one person out of thousands of customers to wilfully or accidentally do something they shouldn't to put the safety of the whole store at risk. An alarm can tell us there is a problem but only our full coverage cameras allow us to instantly see all areas of all our stores.

read more › If your cupboards are bulging and the space under your beds is groaning you might think you need to move to somewhere bigger. Consider whether all you need is a bit of Storagebase space that works out much more cost effective than moving. You can stack things up in a Storagebase room in a way you wouldn't in your home so you can get a surprising amount into a space that is much easier to get at than an attic or loft. As a Storagebase customer you can send your deliveries to the store where there will always be someone to sign for them.

read more › There's no need to let the space you have today constrain where you want your business to be tomorrow. Switch to a smaller or larger unit as your needs evolve or simply take an occasional extra unit as required. Reducing risk is key to the way we manage our stores so you can have one less thing to worry about. Use our large, high quality recycled rental crates to make packing and stacking quick and easy. Our prices are shown including VAT so if your business is VAT registered the actual cost to you will be 20% less.

read more › Keep your archiving organised, easily accessible, private and secure in one of our storage units. Only you have access to your storage unit so you can be confident your records stay private. You have free access to your storage unit 7 days a week so there are no document retrieval costs or delays. Take advantage of our free meeting room to provide a comfortable space to sort through documents from time to time. Our fast free Wifi keeps you connected. If you will need to retrieve things regularly store your boxes on shelves so they are all visible and easily accessible.

read more › Special offers on self storage units, cardboard boxes and rental crates at Storagebase self storage. Get a move in discount on storage. When you start storing it can be an expensive time with plenty of other things going on so we want to help you find the best value storage for your needs with many unit sizes so you only use the space and time you need. Choose our 'Pay as you go' deals and pay every 4 weeks from when you start storing. If you need to store for longer our 'Prepay & Save' option will be best value.

read more › We work hard to keep your things safe but wherever you store your things there is always a risk that they could be damaged or lost. A fire could destroy all stored items. No storage company can guarantee that the things you store will remain free from loss or damage in all circumstances. Due to the value of items in storage Storagebase is unable to agree to indemnify you for any loss. For your protection you must have insurance for the full new replacement value of all stored items. Some policies are designed to only pay the current market value which would not usually be enough to allow you to buy new replacement items.

read more › Every storage unit has an allowance of free crates you can use for the entire time you use the storage unit. Additional crates or crates used without a storage unit are 24p (20p + VAT) each per week. Our crates can be stacked up to 6 high to make the most of the height in your storage unit. Many customers find they can use a smaller, better value storage room when they use our crates. Reusable and made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic our crates are an environmentally-friendly choice. No need to buy cardboard boxes which take time to tape up with plastic based tape and may be only used once.

read more › Deliveries and collections for your home or business can be handled free 7/7 when you use a Storagebase Self Storage unit. Be in when you're out. Don't be a slave to your business - we can help free you up to be where you want, when you want. It's handy for personal deliveries too - No more parcels on doorsteps or worries about couriers visiting your empty home. Keep you neighbours happy too! Be sure to include your customer number in the address - it's on any invoice we email to you but ask us if you aren't sure.

read more › How it works at Storagebase: Using a Storagebase Self Storage unit for your home or business is easy and you get a move in discount on storage. Stacking things high will let you use a smaller storage unit and save. Our different sized cardboard boxes are designed to fit neatly together so you can stack them well. Our own staff will always be present 7 days a week whenever customers access the store to ensure security.

read more › Only you have the key to your room - we don't keep a key. You will be provided with a 'bullet' lock and a contactless fob to operate our access control system. Anyone in possession of the room keys will be permitted to access it. Whether ordering goods on the internet or sorting out a large order when you are busy elsewhere we can receive your deliveries for you. Yes, you can store a motorcycle so long as the petrol tank is empty and the engine is cold. You can hire a van to get your things to our store, use your own car or get a removals company to do it for you.

read more › We license You to use the Storage Room in accordance with this Agreement from the Start Date until this Agreement is ended and to access the Room during the Access Hours. Storage is at Your sole risk. We do not guarantee to keep Your Goods free from damage or loss nor will we indemnify You for any loss. We and our agents may access the Room by any means giving as much notice as possible at our expense for inspections and to carry out maintenance, repairs and alterations. You warrant that at all times the Goods in the Room are Your own property or that the person or entity who owns or has an interest in them has given You irrevocable authority to store the Goods in the Room on the terms in this Agreement.

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