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LockStock Self Storage Lock Stock is a family run business and has grown to become the largest self storage company in the region with facilities throughout North Wales and along the border counties - 14 towns, 22 depots, 3,000 self storage units. Lock Stock remains open for business and we are working in accordance with Government guidance. Ideal for households to store furniture or goods not regularly used and for small businesses.

Regularly used by medium to large sized businesses, mostly used for storing stock, tools and vehicles, and for domestic use on larger house moves.

read more › We understand that decluttering your home or moving house can be stressful and know how important it is for your business to have space to operate or expand, so we make self storage really easy. Although not every site has an office, there's a local representative in each area who will help you with issues that can't be resolved over the phone. Our representative will meet you on site as soon as is possible. Our sites in North and Mid-Wales are within a short distance of each other. Businesses working in the region use our sites as hubs so that they don't need to return to base between jobs.

read more › Many people use this size to store sports equipment or seasonal items not regularly in use. It's ideal for students during holidays. Plenty of small businesses also use the 10ft size for stock, materials, tools and equipment and a 10ft unit will easily accommodate contents of a bedsit. Many people use this size to store furniture during house moves - it has the capacity for the contents of a small bungalow. Also, they are ideal to store equipment, tools and materials for builders and other small businesses.

read more › Our units are used by all kinds of people, some that you might never expect, some even we might never expect! It just goes to show that every type of person can use us one way or another. Our units provide businesses with an affordable, flexible and reliable storage solution. With no business rates or service charges, you'll pay only for the space you need. Whether you're looking to grow or downsize your business permanently or temporarily, with the 3 unit sizes on offer and the possibility of an outdoor compound we have the flexibility you need.

read more › Open the door of your unit regularly to check on your contents and help ventilation and air circulation. Larger items of furniture benefit from being stored with small gaps between each other and between them and the unit walls again to help air circulation within the unit. If storing garden and garage tools clean them thoroughly and wipe them down with an oiled rag. Tie tools securely into bundles. Vehicles and machinery should be drained of oil and petrol. Keep frequently used items or needed items near the entrance of the unit so store least used items first.

read more › We have recently extended our services to offer the purchase of a storage unit. This currently includes the sale of shipping containers in lengths 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. Below are the units that we currently have for sale. If you have any queries or requests, please call 0808 100 1292 or e-mail us at info@lockstock.biz. We often replace our storage units that are no longer at the standard we like to uphold, but these units are often in good enough condition for certain uses, and would come in at a far lower price than other units.

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