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Stashed Away Self Storage Bristol Your local self storage, Stashed Away, is based in Bristol and is an affordable alternative. We offer low cost storage with transparent pricing. We have multiple storage options. Each storage unit is clean and individually secure, all within a temperature controlled dry and secured facility suitable for both personal and business users. Stashed Away Storage Solutions is a local self-storage company based in Bristol.

We offer multiple storage options with transparent pricing. All our units are of steel construction with unique locking systems. You can be assured that each storage unit is clean and secure, all within a temperature controlled, dry and secured facility suitable for both personal and business users. There is a vast number of reasons why you should consider a self-storage.

Whatever the situation is, from needing a safe place to set aside items when moving or renovating to business purposes, we are a perfect fit for everyone, to keep their belongings stored in affordable, maximised security and convenient storage units which you can access from 7am-7pm, seven days of the week.

read more › It can often be difficult to know how long you need storage and the size because circumstances change but by being a family run business means that we can be more flexible to suit you. Access is 7 days a week, 7am till 7pm but for that personal service we are there Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Based in Bristol just off Muller Road, we are ideally located by the M32 (Ikea junction) feel free to come in and look around.

read more › 1: Size Guide Decide what you want to store and have a look at our Size Guide page so you have an idea of the space you require. We also have packing boxes and sundries in our Box Shop which can be purchased from the facility. 2: Book On-Line to reserve and secure your unit and move in date for a nominal 10.00 fee. You will then receive booking confirmations telling you all you need to know. You do not need to pay again until move in day. When you arrive you will be provided with a 'Welcome Pack' detailing the facility use which includes your personal security key and fob.

read more › Whatever your situation we are able to store your belongings, we offer a range of sizes and we can help you to decide what is best for you. If you are locking up your unit and not returning for a while then we suggest you fill your unit 100% however if you are planning to come and go then we suggest you fill your unit 50-75%. This allows you to enter and move around your unit so you have access to get to all your belongings.

read more › One of the reasons for building works is to create more room; this could be a bigger kitchen, loft extension, garage conversion or a complete extension. One of the most enjoyable things is to shop for new furnishings so when the builders have completed those new works you can now make it again your home. We can provide that Space - from a safe locker for valuables to storage units that can take the contents of your garage, kitchen or loft. This can be arranged at the start of your project to clear that space - and then during that project with access 7am to 7pm seven days a week until your works have been completed.

read more › A range of lockers and Units available which are perfect for your belongings over the summer breaks with free collection for students. See "student pick up terms" in documents list below. Bristol is a city booming with potential. A thriving hub of social & cultural activity and consistently named as one of the best cities to live, work, and study in the UK. This place offers a truly international experience, and we are proud to welcome students from more than 150 countries across the world. All students benefit from living and studying in a diverse, global community that allows them to groom themselves in the best manner.

read more › Working at home has at least two challenges. The first one is a lack of motivation and plenty of other possibilities which can distract you. Another potential issue is mixing of home and business life. Have you thought about working from a storage facility, yes it will cost you money, but you'll be able to increase productivity. You'll feel more motivated to get up early in the morning and head to your work space. By using a storage facility as your work space, the moment you want to expand it's as easy as renting another storage unit next door and another great thing is that you won't be forced to sign a long lease.

read more › Book your unit on-line for a nominal fee of 10.00 and receive 8 weeks free insurance. Choose the unit size from the below list. All units are priced weekly and are charged on a 4 weekly basis. You will need to provide a deposit equal to the first 4 weeks and a 10.00 deposit for your lock and access key fob - both these are refundable on vacation. There are no other associated costs and our van is available free of charge for usage on 'move ins'. If you are a student check out our 'Student Pick Up Terms'.

read more › The bad news is that many local councils (including Bristol) have suspended the collection of green bins. However, the good news is that you can use this to your advantage. As summer is here and we all spend more time outdoors, wouldn't it be nice to create some space in the garden? The web is full of inspirational ideas and. Ah, spring is finally on the doorstep and after a long spell of darkness and lockdowns, it's time to get back outside. Now is a good time to get the. Think a card board box is just a card board box?

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